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About Rose



Rose is a professional psychic medium advisor & consultant —intuitive reader / regression therapist / spiritual teacher / healer / channel and intuitive spiritual life coach. Her gifts are clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairvoyance. She has been blessed to be taught by Doreen Virtue as an ATP® since 2002 and also experienced the Mediumship/Mentorship program with Doreen Virtue in 2003. She is an IET Master Instructor (since 2003), Reiki Master (since 2001) her first and second degree Reiki was with Ellen Sutherland.

She is an Advanced Crystal Healer (Katrina Raphaell teachings since 2002) certified by Margherita Vondrak, a Refelxologist(2002) and an avid student of A Course In Miracles and similar teachings called Effortless Prosperity (a simplified, advanced version of ACIM) a student and teacher of the Law of Attraction, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist® taught by Dolores Cannon (this method assisted Doreen Virtue in her mission) and is also a Life Coach.

Rose has also recently graduated from Web Design(2010) as well as continues to study and grow daily.


Rose's gifts are clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, channel, angelic / spirit / guide communication, energy healing (various modalities), hypnosis and a laser focused intuitive spiritual coach that can guide you through and past issues that are blocking you from having the things you truly want in life!

Rose is a fun and passionate guide, teacher and healer. She has been assisting and empowering people for over twenty years with her psychic and healing gifts. She has also taught workshops on the upcoming changes on the planet; created powerful healing products and meditations, held energy healing classes and has assisted people in connecting more deeply with the angelic realm.

She has participated in psychic fairs, fundraisers, and has created and conducted guided healing meditations that have assisted individuals from all over the world and employees in corporate environments.

She has also been a keynote at various conferences and held workshops on various esoteric topics.

About Rose

Since Rose was a little girl she knew that this would be her last life on earth and that she came to assist thousands of people. She really didn’t know how she was going to do this. She has been known to say, “So I helped little old ladies cross the street, that’s helping people isn’t it?” She had always felt that she didn’t belong here and that on some level she felt different and considered more sensitive than others around her. Eventually she would realize that all this was because she was supposed to be this way and had come to develop and use these qualities to serve herself and the world. She was blessed to have parents that were open to meditation and astrology so she was surrounded by some supportive energy to assist her in pursuing her passion. She found real passion in the study of how the mind worked and how the unseen realms worked. She started to study and do “experiments” at a very young age, everything from self help to astrology, numerology, tarot, meditation and the power of the mind. Even though she was raised Catholic she knew she believed in a god but for some reason knew that the“God” she believed in was much nicer than the religious teachings had depicted him. Yet, because he was different (the one she believed in) this sent her on a quest to continue to ask questions which in turn created faith because ALL of her questions were answered. They may not be answered right away but if you really want to know the truth you will be led to it!

In the process of her growth she was eventually led to the information that we create our own reality and even though she didn’t like all of the things associated with that, it gave her more power to realize that if she did create it, she could then change it, which was much better than blaming everyone else for our problems. Eventually she was led to work with energy and realized that when she started to do this as well as the mind work her growth sky rocketed. The changes she had wanted to make seemed to be more solid and shifted her life and life experiences at a deeper level. In her quest for growth and knowledge Rose had studied all types of teachings from many different teachers, she considers herself to be a non-conformist and would prefer to get her information from many sources and do experiments with what she learns. If it works and is highly effective she shares these tools with others. She feels that we are all connected and everything she has learned and healed in her life is not just for her but for those with whom her life will touch. Her intention is to share these tools with you so that you can have the same experiences yourself. Its one thing for you to be TOLD your future, but, it’s another thing to have someone assist you in CREATING your future!

So as you can see through a sequence of life events and the following of her guidance she has come to realize that assisting people to grow spiritually and connect more deeply with the power within is where her assistance will best benefit people. The angels informed her that her mission is to recognize her Divine Nature and in turn to assist others in doing the same. Her main focus is personal empowerment; she does this by working with your guides and angels whose job is to bring peace and joy into your life. With her guidance and the assistance of the angels she tunes into your present life situation and sees the potential future you may have if you remain the same. But, if you’re willing to do some personal work with her (letting go of a belief or pattern) she can lead you to a higher potential future with the angels and whatever healing work she is guided to do with you. Her intention is to assist you in creating the highest BEST potential FUTURE for YOURSELF.

All my LOVE,


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