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Rose Kulyk is sharing this video to show the contents and the benefits of The Perfect Rose Chakra Clearing Kit. We go into detail about the components of the Kit and how you can benefit from it as you grow on your spiritual journey. It is designed to assist you in becoming your own healer by working with each individual chakra and connecting with it on a deeper level. A Double Terminated Quartz Crystal (varies in size depending on what you purchase) is a part of this Kit and there are explanation sheets to assist you in connecting, and caring for your crystal. You also receive an explanation (sheet included) of the positive and negative qualities associated with each chakra and the parts of the body each governs. There is a Daily Meditation, a Weekly Meditation and an Evening Meditation. You are also taught the power of affirmations and how they are used to assist you in this meditation kit! In this video Rose suggests how a beginner can benefit and how you can gradually incorporate this meditation and how it will assist you on a daily basis. As an added benefit you also receive healing support from the angels when you are sleeping and you have to sleep anyway so this is the best time to do it! Rose also sends her love and support to those with whom she works with; be it at a distance, in person or through her meditations. This is her gift to humanity! Thank you for watching my video and I look forward to serving you in the future...  Lots of Love Rose

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